Drift Sublingual Spray

Drift Sublingual Spray

Breath Freshener (NOT)

This Drift Sublingual Spray delivers a nice, easy high with a spritz or two. Throw it in your purse and it could easily be mistaken for Breath Freshener; do not be fooled. This concentrate tastes like ass. Expect a five to ten minute delay before you feel it kick in, which is just enough time to find something to wash that taste out of your mouth.


  • Easy to carry
  • Subtle high
  • Relatively mild
  • Benign response
  • Not so benign taste (seriously, it tastes like shit)
  • Might be a nice add on to a glass of strong whiskey


Discrete, portable, and mild. Great for a quick pick me up while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store. Everyone will think you’re using Binaca. (But instead of minty fresh breath, you’ll be left with the taste of shit in your mouth — so treat yourself to some Binaca too!)

Concentrate     Mild High


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    • Hey Caitlin, thanks so much for reaching out.

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