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Mary Jane here,

I’ve been waiting nearly half a century for Marijuana to be legalized, and now that it has — at least in Massachusetts where I live — I’m embracing this whole new world of all things cannabis. I’ve personally checked out each of the newly opened dispensaries in my area and have discovered an exhaustive range of flower, extracts, potions, edibles, lozenges, sprays and more. I’ve always had a taste for good bud and edibles, and now it turns out that skill set doesn’t just make me a stoner; it makes me a Cannaseur. (I wish I had made that up, but alas I did not.) It’s a whole new world out there — definitely Not Your Mother’s Marijuana. And it occurs to me that over the last fifty years, as Cannabis has been demonized, many women my age with a less rebellious heart have likely not been on weed’s wild journey to the exhausted place it now holds. Stigma be gone.

Cannabis is increasingly legal, and new and amazing strains and products are popping up every day. No matter who you are, there’s a cannabis related product you’re sure to love, but where to start? It’s all so overwhelming. That’s where we come in. Consider us a dear friend who wants to gently reintroduce you to cannabis, formerly known as weed, pot, hash, the schnitz, etc. Let Mary Jane Notes serve as your friendly but comprehensive Guide to Reintroducing the Cannabis Lifestyle to GenXers and Above, with an eye towards enjoying a more peaceful, restful, silly, carefree life.

You can relax now.

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