About Mary Jane

A Trusted Resource for High Times

Mary Jane is a real woman of (ahem) a certain age, who has been using cannabis for many years. She’s thrilled to join with millions of her fellow grown-ups as we come out of the shadows and legally embrace this incredible plant with its many healing and uplifting properties.

Now it’s Called Flower, Not Pot

Mary Jane knows firsthand how confusing modern cannabis can be for legit adults. Once bombarded with messages to “Just Say No” to a “gateway drug” that would turn your brain into a fried egg — if it didn’t send you to jail — it’s natural for you to feel a bit of cultural whiplash at the arrival of legal weed.

Mary Jane is here to help you adjust to the new normal, and wave off any stigma, so you can enjoy yourself optimally.

Whether you’ve been secretly toking up for years in the laundry room while the kids were asleep, had a bong in college but haven’t touched the stuff in years, or you’ve never tried it but you’re canna-curious, Mary Jane is here for you.

You can relax now.

Mary Jane is not a doctor, and she does not play one on TV (ditto lawyer), so any opinions she may offer are entirely her own, and it would be very silly to consider them legally or medically sound. As with everything on the internet, your mileage may vary.

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