How do I avoid getting too high on edibles?

Dear Scared Straight,

Don’t be scared. A measured approach to edibles will keep you from pulling the dreaded MoDo. Just remember these magic words: start low and go slow.

What exactly does that mean?? All legal edibles come clearly marked with ingredients and dosage. If you haven’t tried edibles before, or even if you have but it was a while back, or you’re trying an unfamiliar brand, start with a small dose — no more than 5mg (most packages come divided into 5 or 10mg portions). Then wait an hour or so before deciding whether or not you want more. This nibble and wait approach, like the Toke ‘n Wait strategy, should do the trick, but should you find yourself “greening-out” check out these tips to set you straight.

Start low, go slow, and enjoy the ride,


Mary Jane