Cannabis by Type

Cannabis has hit its modern renaissance, with new wonderful iterations hitting the market almost daily. No longer just a choice between weed and hash (if you were lucky) today’s menu includes Cannabis in all its glory, from flower to concentrates, edibles and topicals.

Here’s a overview of the options of the day:

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The smokable, trichome-covered part of a female cannabis plant, Flower is the most popular form of cannabis due to its versatility.


Oil-filled cartridges that attach to a battery, similar to an e-cigarette. Take a puff and wait for a minute for the effects to settle in.

Pros and cons

Shatter, Wax, Bubble Hash, Kief, Rosin. THC concentrates come in various shapes, sizes, forms and names. To boil it all down for you,  concentrates are essentially an oil refined by a solvent, like butane or CO2. They’re typically high in THC, fast-acting and potent. Dab on a rig, or in a more ladylike and discrete vaporizer.

In this national yearend roundup, Thrillist showcases The Best Cannabis Edibles of 2020.