Cannabis 101

Woman Passed Out in Bathtub

What to Do When You’ve Gotten Too High

You can’t actually die from cannabis, but you can over-dose, which simply means you consumed too much and feel like crap. Here’s what to do. Here’s what to do if you or someone you know greens-out.

Different types of cannabis

How to Make Sense of the Astonishing Selection

Where once you were lucky to get whatever the law-breaking weed guy had on hand, today shopping for cannabis is like wandering the aisles of a fancy wine shop when you don’t know your Rhine from your Rhône.

How much should you smoke?

Toke and Wait

If you learn nothing else from Mary Jane, I beg you to take note of this critical piece of advice. If you don’t how much cannabis to smoke, heck even if you think you do know, always Toke and Wait.